Strategic Thrust

Our operations are currently guided by our 2015-2018 Strategic Plan and Business Plan. This new strategy has been developed to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to develop the community energy sector and legitimising our constituency as a network NGO. We realise that practical solutions to reach the last mile cannot be done by government alone. We therefore put ourselves in the middle to spearhead a process that will transform the energy sector in Malawi. We are buoyed by the United Nations’ SE4All Initiative and firmly believe that we can indeed improve access to modern forms of Energy for our communities. This strategy outlines CEM’s ambitions to roll out practical solutions for meeting Malawian Communities’ energy needs. We are overly ambitious but also cautions in our approach for we aim at creating sustainable impacts in our communities. In Summary the Strategic Goals are as follows:

Our Mission
To enable communities in Malawi to create sustainable renewable energy solutions to meet their energy needs

Our Objectives
• To build knowledge, capability and confidence in communities on the development, installation and management of renewable energy projects
• To raise awareness of the potential of renewable energy to address community needs
• To identify, acquire and enable communities access funds for the purpose of community energy development
• To create and facilitate a mutually supportive network of community group members
• To represent members in making the case for the creation of a supportive policy and regulatory framework in the energy sector

Our Vision
Affordable and sustainable energy for Malawian Communities!
In reinforcing this vision, as CEM we would like to see that Malawians have access to sustainable energy and improved capacity to plan and implement decentralized community projects as active citizens with influence over the energy decisions that affect their livelihoods. Realising Our Vision CEM has developed four strategic goals with an aim to promote: increased access to energy especially for the rural and urban poor, active citizenship in energy planning and implementation, advance role of civil society in shaping energy policies and make CEM sustainable in fulfilling its core business. To realize these ambitions, CEM will mobilize community groups as in Community Based Organizations (CBOs), Faith Based Organisations (FBOs), NGOs, individuals and companies or institutions with passion for RETs into a national network as well as forging alliances and partnerships at national and international levels.

Our 2015-2018 Strategic Goals are:
CEM Goal 1: Transformative Awareness: Malawian Communities have increased awareness and knowledge about potential of RETs and improved capacity to plan, implement and monitor energy projects as well as demand accountability and transparency of public service providers
CEM Goal 2: Energy Access for the last mile: Malawian communities especially those at the last mile and urban poor have access to sustainable and efficient energy sources
CEM Goal 3: Active Civil Society: Malawian civil society in energy has improved capacity for evidence based lobbying and advocacy in shaping energy policies
CEM Goal 4:Organization Sustainability: CEM is able to raise income from non grant sources sufficient to maintain core operations for the organizations

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