CEM realises that access to energy is not just a matter of installation of improved forms of energy like electricity but also increasing people’s capacity to engage actively in planning and implementation of projects. This entails thus, seeing local institutional development on energy within a broader democracy and governance agenda. This involves therefore working with governance structures and rights holders to recognize and mainstream energy in their planning.
In this regard, CEM will play a convening role through recruiting members as well as build coalitions and joining forces with other groups such as Renewable Energy Industry Association of Malawi and international networks such as Community Energy International. We strive to create an enabling environment by supporting identification of innovative ways and efforts to help marginalized and poor communities to also access modern forms of energy in ways that are viable and sustainable. We influence policy and practice to benefit those that most need the energy by building Social Enterprise Models and evidence of what works better. We aim to remain a more reliable partner for community on-going support ensuring such that we have staff and representation in all the regions of Malawi. CEM will take the lead in representing its constituency as well as building capacity of the members in evidence based lobbying and advocacy. We shall endeavour to promote knowledge dissemination and mentoring of small organizations as well as strengthen their research capacity to document practical solutions We will build strategic partnerships for wider reach and depth of our strategy. This will include NGOs, the academia, research institutions and the private sector for knowledge generation of innovative technologies, scaling up and deepening of our activities. Some of our notable strategies include:


Communities should be able to recognize their energy poverty and be able to demand accountability and transparency of public service providers in the energy services provision. We are therefore cognizant of the need to facilitate positive engagement between communities and their duty bearers at District and National Level. In that regard we do organize District Learning Links and national events during which communities and their respective District Councils engage on energy issues. We are available to facilitate positive engagement.

We are the flagship organisers of the National Community Energy Conference which brings together communities taking forward renewable energy projects with policy makers, academia, regulators, donors, installers and suppliers under one roof. We utilise such forum to network our various members as well as cement linkages between and among players.

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